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The Positive "R" Words
Naseem Javed -- May 28, 2008
The current and unavoidable Recession of America, slowly impacting Canada, Mexico, spreading it wings towards Europe and Asia, all the way to the farthest corners of the world is nothing to be either afraid or surprised of. It is just one of those cycles that appear every decade or so. While some land soft, some land hard, but this may be the hardest, yet still there are some very positive things in that "R" word.

The previous recessions have clearly taught us some very valuable lessons, as this time around, the application of the right game plan may offer you a winning streak. This is how.


Naseem Javed

Re-Charge Innovation What better times, when things are slow and getting quiet, as normally in busy booming days, corporations and their senior teams get so convinced of success that they forget all about real innovation. The best ideas of innovation come through depressive, recessionary cycles. What better times to reengineer, redesign and rethink the entire business processes, overall strategies and most importantly the prime business model itself? Most successful corporations are very seriously behind in innovations already and often too complacent with surrounding technology, only to be jolted when attacked overnight by a new innovative wave. Simply put, start innovating today.

Re-Align Marketing When everyone is in a shock, about what and how all this happened, the customers and clients both scratch their heads and that's possibly the best time to nurture innovative marketing to determine the sharpest and fastest means to get the new marketing messages and products from point A to B. Fill the vacuum with new ideas and new efforts. Ask that innovative team you just organized to help you.

Re-Position Image When customers want new solutions they are looking for the best image and powerful identity, today it's all about professionally branded identities and corporate image. Basically no other issue is as important as this one. Not to be confused with logos and mass advertising, the promotional strategies are in meltdown during recession, and while the old branded guards dwindle down, this also open doors for the new faces to appear, creating immense opportunities for new comers to emerge as the real solution provider. Hold the logo-promotion; fix the brand identity and its image fast while pushing hard as a new warrior on the block.

Re-Name Brands When most businesses want to ignore or forget you as recession is a that boiling point, where old things get flushed out, old name brands die, and any association with the old identity reminds the customers of failure. Discover the fine art of global scale name branding, and only accept the world-class and Five Star Standard name brands, anything less will simple hurt your sales badly. This time allows your team to walk away quietly from lingering and damaged name brands. This re-naming process can be very rewarding if played under a master strategy, resulting in a hassle free global name identity. Find the best professional answer to achieve hyper-visibility and proper image positioning to avoid ending up in the eye of the storm.

Re-Train Staff, When your people are exhausted, fatigued, and disenchanted, train them. After all at the end of the day, a business is all about people and when the recessionary cycles hit, they hurt everyone. The human resource should always be protected, and what is left of it must be properly nurtured and retained so that it is ready before boom time, all set to burst out through the gates with brand new winning strategies.

No matter how hard, how difficult and how long the process, the fact is, smart businesses must embrace this as a moment to reevaluate and rebuild. This way this bad cycle will not only become a passable transition but also you will discover the great charm in the "R" words.
Naseem Javed
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About the Author
Naseem Javed is recognized as a world authority on Corporate Image and Global Cyber-Branding. Author of Naming for Power , he introduced The Laws of Corporate Naming in the 80's and also founded ABC Namebank International, a consultancy established in Toronto and New York some thirty years ago.

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