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The Navigation Orients The Visitor
by Lupércio Mundim
-- November 29, 2006
Some webmasters and webmistresses, perhaps by unfamiliarity, do not give the necessary value to the navigation and, with this, loose visitors and precious awards. Without an easy and logical navigation we stay lost.  We should return to the home page constantly for orient ourselves and this is very exasperating.

To the colleagues that are building or reforming his website, I like to revise some basic orientation about navigation that I learned with some marvelous friends that countless times helped me and oriented me in the improvement of my websites:

 Lupercio Mundim
  1. Create an only menu, can be in flash, with graphics or of text, that present all the content of your website and put it in all the pages of the website. This will permit that the visitors jump from a section for another without have that return to the home page.

  2. Use, specially in award programs or in award won pages, buttons of navigation that permits to return to the previous page, pass to the following page and go to the top of the page. This system is a little laborious (should be exempt of errors), but eases in very for the visitor.

  3. Create a page with a website map, where will be described all the sections of the website with its respective pages in order of importance, alphabetical or numerical, all endowed with links for that the visitor be able to, from over there even, drive itself to the desired page.

  4. Ease the life of the visitor including in your menu (in all the pages) options for that he can return to the home page and for that he can send you an email. Sometimes we are going to pressure several times the key of return for come back to the home page and sometimes we do not find the link for send an email for the Webmaster or Web mistress and this is terrible.

  5. Test all your links, specially the of the menu, there is nothing more stressful than the visitor has an encounter with one of those famous pages of error, specially when finally located the matter of their interest, matter this that did him visit your website. This visitor, with certainty, will never come back to your website after this experience.

I expect sincerely that these orientations, that so much helped me, can be helpful for those that are starting in this difficult task of build a website, that the colleagues web masters and Web mistress concern, also, with the navigation, therefore without this important article hardly we will achieve our objectives.

Lupércio Mundim
Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved

About the Author
Lupércio Mundim is a Brazilian Webmaster with big experience in the creation of sites, seen already to have created fifty-two sites for himself, for his friends and for some organizations without lucrative purposes. His most important and known site is the Poetic Soul, where are found his poetry, his personal and friends pages, beyond his graphics, his award program and his award index.

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