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Denny Lancaster - Owner / Founder of Talking Hands Award Program and pioneer / leader of other notable internet endeavors. Denny Lancaster (September 2008)

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"Denny has always been a person who goes that extra mile to help others . . . and if he cannot, he will find someone who can . . . He has helped to make the internet safe for all ages and made for people with any kind of disABILITY to enjoy...

As long as we all have men like Mr. Lancaster . . . we will have someone the rest of us can look up to."  Bernard Howe

Denny is the father of four children and seven grand children, a retired tax attorney, a certified web master through online and college courses and is a MCI (master certified instructor) in ten disciplines, who established the Talking Hands Award Program in 1986 (rated by Award Sites! since 1999 with a 5.0+ rating today), because of his love of "special children".

His other internet activities include... being the Compliance Manager for Award Sites!; co-editor of the Award Sites! NovaSite feature; Director of Memberships for APEX; chairperson of the Heartland Golden Heart Award ( now inactive); evaluator for three years with the Award of Excellence (now inactive); and, many year active mentor and evaluator for The Site Fights.

"Denny Lancaster is among the first pioneers of the web awards community with few equals.  His mentoring to so many others, valued assistance with Award Sites! . . . and all else that he has done and still does places him in a select class of volunteerism.  Thanks Denny for all of your time, advice, and friendship."  David Bancroft, founder of Award Sites!

Note... You can find several of his articles and tutorials at Award Sites! via its search feature.

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