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Exemplary Hall

 Rhonda Serong (September 2008)

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Rhonda Serong, a resident of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, began the Otago (Otakou) New Zealand Creative Design Awards (more commonly known as O.N.Z.C.D.A) in 1998. Through her longevity on the Internet she has provided a consistent commitment to teaching and learning, promotion of excellence in web design and content, ethics and innovation, while remaining true to herself. Citations are found below as examples, but are not an all inclusive list of continuing and consistent commitment to bettering the Internet experience.

Teaching and Learning

How Not to Build a Website - published July 3, 2002.

WebsAwards Rating Index Criteria Rubric - This creation by Rhonda is an innovative and original approach to objective web site creation evaluation considerations.

ABC Book of Award Givers - As a contributor and publisher, Rhonda has demonstrated an inclusive approach toward understanding the international scope of award giving.

O.N.Z.C.D.A. - Her internationally rated award program provides detailed and authoritative information to assist and encourage web designers in bettering the Internet experience.


CEM/CEMA (now closed) - As one of the original founders, Rhonda sought to enhance the credibility and professionalism of the international award community.

Code of Ethics (COE) - was authored by Rhonda. For a documented and annotated history of the COE, please refer to a History of the COE.

APEX - As one of the original founders, Rhonda is instrumental in expanding an ethical code of conduct which would be applicable to the whole of the Internet.  She is currently serving as Director of Operations.

Remaining True To Herself
Rhonda, who has often received help from others within the awards community has, for 10 years, without seeking credit and/or recognition, quietly assisted those who seek help with their award programs through her belief that help received should in turn be given to others.

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