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December 2001


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

Masterworks' Fine Art Photography
This Month's StarSite comes to us from Nem5 (5.0+  Award Sites! rated) . . . Here's what Nem5's owner, Maggi Norris, had to say about November 2001's selection:
"Kurt Ross' Masterworks Fine Art Photography is a stunning online publication of some of the most beautiful photography I have ever seen.  It was chosen as the Best Site of 2000 at Nem5 Awards Program and is an example of what is possible when great design, eloquent writing and beautiful graphic work combine to make a site that can stand above the crowd.

When the site's main attraction of photography that is almost ethereal in beauty is added, the site itself becomes a masterpiece of Web Art.

The incredible beauty and simplicity of this site's splash page left me in awe and completely unaware it was a photo, until I saw it again on the Making Sense of Chaos page. I had to go for triple takes. Every image on the site has the same quality and perfection of that first photo. From serene pastures bursting with a profusion of colorful blossoms to mysterious foggy mountain sunrises to stormy danger on the sea, Kurt Ross captures the very essence of Nature and generously shares his view of the world with us on his pages.

Masterworks' Fine Art Photography

This whole site is a marvel of wonder and delight. The design is a flawless work of mastery. Navigation is simple. Graphics are pure elegance. In fact, every part of this site works in harmony with every other, making the journey through its pages a treat for anyone lucky enough to get the chance to see it."

My visit to this site left me stunned by the beauty and composition of the posted photography. This website is a web wonder as well and deserves all the kudos it receives. Thanks Maggi, for sending us this submission and thank you Kurt for such a grand time!

'Till the next issue, take care and keep working on those websites!

Debbie Frey
NovaSite! Review Editor


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