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January 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!


Williams + D'Ambrosio Architects
This months selection is provided by Will Harbeson of the AS! 4.0 rated Harbeson and Associates Award Program.

Here's what Will had to say about this excellent site . . ."This very special site is from the design team at who's business includes: Translating corporate and organizational branding and goals online into effective, interactive, technically proficient designs.

The site is the latest winner of the Harbeson and Associates' Gold Medal of Excellence.  It's an outstanding site detailing the amazing Architectural design of the client company.  It's unique flash navigation involves the user . . . And the photography is outstanding as well.  The site is undoubtedly worth a visit."

Williams + D'Ambrosio Architects

My visit to this website was a pleasant education as to why they received Harbeson's top honor.  This is one of the cream of the crop Flash sites.  It is quick, clean and quite beautiful in its design.  I'd personally recommend a visit to see what's possible with Flash.

Jef Peace


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