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February 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

Look and Feel New Media

Here's what Maggi of Nem5 (5.0 rating level) had to say about Look and Feel New Media . . .

Look and Feel New Media

"The creators of this incredible site have taken Flash animation to an unparalleled level of web entertainment. But this site goes further than just excellent Flash. Navigation is a breeze. Graphics are clear and sharp. The site is extremely user friendly. Underneath all the humor, there is an elegant, beautiful design that shows the skill and mastery of this team of designers to perfection.

From the first moment you see the delightful characters on this site through the very last scene, Luke and Phil take you on an adventure of fun loving exploration into the infinite possibilities of web development. Whether you need a stunning web presentation or a big smile to brighten your day, this site is a definite bookmark."

I've visited this website on two prior occasions and my return to write this review was a very pleasant return to what I already knew was an amazing website. This website redefines Flash and serves as a showcase for what is possible with creative use of this technology. The design is entertaining and informative and the navigation is intuitive and flawless. I echo Maggi's sentiment that "this site is a definite bookmark."

Jef Peace


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