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April 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

The NASA SCIence Files
The following review of this excellent site is provided by the 5.0+ Rated
Beehive Awards . . .
"The NASA SCIence Files is a series of instructional programs consisting of broadcast, print, and online elements.  This series emphasizes standards-based instruction, problem-based learning, and science as inquiry.  The series also seeks to motivate students in grades 3 through 5 to become critical thinkers and active problem solvers.

Each program supports the national mathematics, science, and technology standards and includes: a 60-minute video broadcast; a companion educator's guide; Web-based activities and materials; and, information about NASA programs, projects, facilities, and researchers.

The NASA SCIence Files

Jeff Seaton and team present us with a Flash home page that is a delightful and inviting scene consisting of a tree with wooden planks for climbing up to a tree house, a picket fence, and a cloud in the blue sky.  The site's navigation is brilliantly integrated within this scene.  It's psychological voice conveys fun, exploration, and friendliness.  The site serves three distinct audiences: kids, educators, and parents.  By moving the screen cursor of the "hot" areas, text explanations appear telling the visitor what they may expect to find by clicking them.  There are also many "aha effects" -- from moving fence planks to wonderfully designed, friendly-looking characters.  The kids' area is another impressive demonstration of using Flash for a fun-looking, interactive classroom.  The educators' and parents' areas are appropriately designed for them.  A text-based version of the site is also available for those who want or need it.

The NASA SCIence Files is a superb showcase of that demonstrates what a multimedia Web site can be. Its content is equally impressive and nicely tailored for intended audiences.  Never before have I left a government-funded Web site feeling good about being a taxpayer.  In fact, The NASA SCIence Files deserves an appropriate gratuity and, for me, this is the Golden Beehive Award."

Review by:
Míc Miller
The Beeline


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