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May 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!


The Ol' Hook & Eye
A History of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad

The following review of this excellent site is provided by the 5.0 Rated . . . Otakou New Zealand Creative Design Awards
The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad was a charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania.

The KV was known as "the short line with a long name," and it's no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames - the "Lofty Vanderbilt," the "Hair Line" or the "Ol' Hook & Eye" - reflecting its character and country mystique.

A most delightful website and a pleasure to visit. Advanced JScripts with Perl script for search engine function well with latest version browsers. Fantastic imagery is used to complement the main subject in a most pleasing way with the overall website design fitting the subject brilliantly. The complimentary Award Program resides on a sub domain of the domain URL and this AP is just as competently designed the above website with a lovely theme.

Both websites have easy navigation and although there is not much in the way of new technology, "The Ol' Hook & Eye: A History of the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad" website has so much charm it doesn't need the bells and whistles, and the design work provided here is living proof that simple is often more effective than high tech. Don't have an interest in trains? Then just drop by to relish the amazing work being done in this website - you are guaranteed a most interesting, enlightening, pleasurable and fascinating journey!

Rhonda Serong
Otakou New Zealand Creative Design Awards


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