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June 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!


Planet Twinkie (site no longer available)

The following review of this excellent site is provided by Maggi Norris, the owner of AS! 5.0+ Rated . . . Nem5 Award Program

"I simply can't say enough about the master design team at  When they sent the Planet Twinkie site to us for an award evaluation my whole staff was thrilled to get the opportunity to review it.  And what a site they created.  Here's some of what Charlie O'Shields of lookandfeel had to say about this wonderful site . . .

Lookandfeel was tasked with creating a “fresh” site for Hostess that was easy to update, but very unique.

In response, lookandfeel created a site that was not only updateable, but actually redesigns itself automatically throughout the year. Each visit to Planet Twinkie will be different as the atmosphere constantly evolves to illustrate the time of day, month and season.


Planet Twinkie

For example, during a summer day, the landscape of Planet Twinkie will appear bright and cheery with vibrant flowers and colorful butterflies. A winter night will feature a starry sky and trees capped with snow."
All that still doesn't grasp the full detail of the delightful experience visiting this site creates. The animation is clean and precise. The graphics are clear and sharp. The programming that lies hidden under it all makes the whole site a truly remarkable experience in user interaction. This is a great site that kids of all ages should visit and enjoy, again and again. Don't forget to try the games, but beware... they're simply too much fun.

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