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August 2002


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

Outer Space Wetworks
The following review of this month's NovaSite! was provided by Will Harbeson, of Harbeson and Associates' Medals of Excellence (AS! 4.5 rating) . . .
"Outer Space Wetworks' Colonel Zachary R. Dunn and his men (Team Gold) are sent on a security mission to protect the Yakoura II: a space station in orbit around Mars.

Follow the adventures as the Colonel and his team join Terra force in a series of space based adventures. These exciting short stories are an ongoing series about Terra Force's special covert teams. The series is currently 4 episodes and continues to grow.

I find myself waiting for updates to see the characters play out in the adventure. The design of the site is high tech just like the writing style, it navigates easily and works well. It simply took me for a ride into a fantasy world and allowed an escape from the everyday for just a little while.

Outer Space Wetworks episodes are free and are written by Barry G. Rijkse. Be sure to visit Barry's drawings at the site which he claims lead him to the writing of the stories."

Thanks Will!


NovaSite! Editor


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