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December 2003


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
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What is minimal? In terms of graphic design, minimal does not mean blank, empty, devoid, or even quiet. It does not permit the gratuitous use of white space. It absolutely is not a safety net for lack of content. In fact, minimal directly opposes all these things. Minimal graphic design, stripped of incidental references and pared down to its most essential elements, presents a purely intellectual or visual experience. As the extreme minimalist Ad Reinhardt said: "Art is art. Everything else is everything else." 


Minimal design is everywhere today. Furniture design has circled back to pure, geometric forms. Favored fabrics are monochromatic, relying more on embedded pattern than color to add interest. Even clothing has adopted boxier, non-defining shapes. Many would suggest that graphic design's shift back to its more elemental nature has done much to lead these other design fields back to its basics.

Miniml by Craig Kroeger is the perfect example and the pure embodiment of a minimalist layout approach in web design that is unprecedented on the internet to date. This pure design experience is a conglomerate of minimal art, minimal font types, minimal mixed media, minimal music, and more. To keep this description close to the theme, I'll stop here and let you dive into the deep waters of minimal web design yourself. Hold your breath and enjoy!

NovaSite! Editor


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