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January 2006


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

One day recently the brothers Grinn took a stroll down the streets of a rather quaint English village called Witheridge . . . Sam turned to Alfred and asked, if he "took to history" and the answer came as a shock with a resounding no.

Thus began a discourse, which of course changed the one brother who now "took to history" because of the narrative and put both brothers into the history of Witheridge in such a way that they are now able to communicate an excitement as to what they found and having gained a greater appreciation for history, eagerly wish to relate.
We started our journey at the village center, where we received a warm Witheridge welcome and were directed to the settings and the village atmosphere was a welcome breeze which quietly blew us into a reference library, found a map to take along where we could not get lost and stopped at the St. Johns Fair for a spot of tea, then walked delightful hedge rows and glorious paths. Ole Sam and Alfred were not tired a bit, but perhaps you are dear friends, for we bloody well know you would like to take your own trip into Witheridge, for we have just touched the surface of what delights you will find.

We, Brothers Grinn, are thankful that the author, David Taylor, thought well of we two souls who can not see too well, for the pages were a good read without a scroll, the print was excellent, and narrative was bully good and now for another spot of tea, while you jump into History is presented in such a fashion that we honestly thought that a mere day or two had passed and not hundreds of years removed for our trip back in time.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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