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June 2006


NovaSite! Recognition Plaque

An excellent site
shining brightly for all to see!

Old Sam and Spook decided to take a trip to Europe, so they could see where their families originated from. Spook said we would have to learn many languages and how to keep track of their money.
 Old Sam said," Hey I saw this website called Euromania written and designed by a fella named Raffaele Russo, which will help us with the money." Both old Sam and Spook took reviewing this here site and discovered what all countries used the Euros and where they were located. Why shucks this here site even had an exchange page so as to let a person know just how much our American dollar was worth in different countries. Euromania
Another nice feature for this here site was how each of them countries had their own little design in them euros so they could still have there our mark on their currency. There are 15 countries that use the euro now so that will help us out when we go traveling around from country to country. Why those pretty metal coins are not the only currency in Euros when we even found out they all got paper euros too..

Why we even found out what metals are even used in them there Euros too. It seems some have fine lettering, some have smooth edges others even got scallops and interrupted milled edges, WHEW doggies. They use everything from copper, nickel to Nordic gold.

Why Spook says not only do we get a coin to spend, it's like we get a piece of art too. Old Sam and Spook thinks everyone should go take a gander around this site to see how Europe is taking care of a more universal monetary system of monies.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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