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August 2006

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
"Ole Sam I received a cablegram written in Maori today and have no clue as to what it says, can you help?" asked Spook.

"Oh mercy me, no Spook . . . but I know a Kiwi who lives in the splendor of the grass, who can surely help, and that would be an excellent adventure. Shall we," said Ole Sam.

When our two young men arrived in New Zealand they traveled to the University of

 O. N. Z. C. D. A.
Otago  in the city of Dunedin, for surely some there would know how to find the Rhonda Serong, web mistress of ONZCDA., which is among the most famous of Kiwi personages and web sites on the World Wide Web.

We met Rhonda for lunch at the Botanic Gardens and afterward visited most of the 28 Hectares of the garden, while extolling the magnificence of her award winning web site creation. Of course Ole Sam and Spook got into a grinning match about her recent inclusion of access keys, until our hostess finally said "shut your mouths" in a very delicate and lady like way.

Now we are back in the states and just in case you do not believe we actually went to visit Rhonda Serong in New Zealand, we recorded the call of the North Island brown kiwi for your enjoyment.

"Spook, I thought we recorded Rhonda talking for our listeners enjoyment" asked Ole Sam.

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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