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September 1, 2006

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
“Ole Sam, have you brushed up on your Spanish lately?” asked Spook, knowing very well that speaking Spanish had become extremely important for residents of Arizona, where Ole Sam lives. 

“No, but I have started Spanish speaking classes and if you have a Spanish text suggestion, where I could determine how the classes are progressing, I would be thankful” said Ole Sam. 

Now Spook visited their friend Luis E. Vadillo and his Villa de Alcazarén on a regular basis, which is the name sake for the Alcazaren award program, so a series of questions was developed and Ole Sam was expected to find the answers. 

Let us share a little of what Ole Sam found with you, dear reader. 

First as to the significance of the award which Luis presents.  Villa de Alcazarén is located to the south of Valladolid in Spain.


In 939 the caliph Abderrahman III fought against king Ramiro II of Leon and the destruction extended to virtually every vestige and destroyed their breads, "they mixed up (or changed around) their landmarks and erased their vestiges” Luis recreates the proud Villas’s history and heritage, which includes its coat of arms, from various sources. 

Secondly, the sun clocks, a fairly extensive cartoons book explaining sundials and with sundials pictures in its photographic albums. There are nearly 2000 photographs

In the site photographic albums related to Alcazaren’s history, people, monuments and sundials. 

Last but not least is “Beauty is difficult to master and sometimes impossible. After reading on the subject in the XXth century and finding Internet links in this one, it was settled, prior to this AP inception, that the award rectangle sides relation had to be the "Golden Section or Phi number", it is approximately 1.618..., intimately related to the Fibonacci number series.” 

The rich history of the Villa, adds to the significance of the award and thus both become intertwined.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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