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October 4, 2006

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
Young Blood & Morning Star (Anita Eberline)
Ole Sam and Spook depart somewhat with our current Nova site selection, because Anita Eberline has several award programs which include Helping Hands Awards, Panzys Award Program (Now Closed), Delightful Designing Award Program (Now Closed), The Beginner's Awards (Now Closed), Digby's Web Awards, WhiteFeather's
Web Awards (now closed - co owner), Morning Star's Award Program, Class Tribute Awards, Native Star Awards, Heart and Soul Web Awards.

“Spook of Anita's award programs, do you have a favorite?”, asked Ole Sam.

 Young Blood & Morning Star
After a brief pause Spook answered, “Yes, I do Ole Sam, but it is not one of her award programs but about her involvement with Young Blood & Morning Star's Home of Information, because this is where I found to me at least . . . the heart and soul of why our Blackfoot Indian friend  . . . and why she has since 1998 tried to let all of us see the inner beauty of her family. 

“Do you have a favorite Ole Sam?” asked Spook. 

Now Ole Sam who is normally rather quiet, because he takes the time to stoop and smell the roses, talked for about an hour while Spook listened intently, because Ole Sam is just like Magnavox, he is smart, very smart. 

Let us share with you dear reader what we talked about in that hour.  Each of Anita's award programs reveals a little about she and her husband.  Young Blood  has possible pending  surgery and Morning Star is awaiting what may be her husbands recovery period as we write and if you would but take the time as Ole Sam, to stoop and smell the roses, each reader who has visited each the program's which Anita has created, would join us in prayer for an excellent outcome to the surgery.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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