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November 15, 2006

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
John Wilkins’ Lynx and More
Spook and Ole Sam were musing about a common malady and their attention turned to finding authoritative information on a particular item to treat the malady and of course a resident expert within the awards community immediately came to mind, so off they went on a journey.  After all, John has been a Pharmacist for the past 36 years.
“We have an opportunity to visit within the continental United States this time and visit with John Wilkins who lives in South Carolina and is but a few hours dive from the mountains and sea shore” said Ole Sam.

“Oh that would be delightful and perhaps John could break away from his charming grandchildren and take us to a NASCAR race or see a USC Gamecocks football or basketball game” replied Spook.

“Perhaps we should not impose on John because he is rather busy with the varied award programs he has developed” said Ole Sam.

Well dear readers we decided to do a little


John Wilkins’ Lynx and More

snooping within John's award programs and these are  pearls of knowledge our two little boys found.

His Lynx Award program is among the early programs in our Award Sites! Family which was established in 1996, gained membership in 1997 and continued to improve until most recently the program achieved a pinnacle, a rating of five. 

“John must be an extra ordinary man with a great deal of patience and perseverance to wait and not become disgruntled while others have achieved such fame in much shorter periods of time” said Ole Sam. 

Almost starting to weep, Spook replied, “I think both of us know John is of the old school and someone who is in this award giving hobby for the fun and not rewards and awards.” 

The Brothers Grinn continued to look into the award programs John created, which by their names reveal more hidden pearls. 

The Lynx award was a take off of Links, but over the years it became associated with the Lynx, which John obviously thinks is a beautiful creature and we do too. 

In 1996 when the Southern Nytes program was developed, Glen Campbell's 1970's song, Southern Nights.  This award program certainly gives John the opportunity to recall fond memories of moon lit nights, swimming and fishing. 

Seasons of Change came in 1998, and again an award with is unusual and thought provoking, because the seasons of the year reflect upon the life and times of our award owner. 

StormKeeper is the keeper of storms and a fondness of rain storms and thunder and lightning shows in the sky and in the heart too.  This award program was introduced in 1998.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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