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December 13, 2006

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
Firestarter Pyrography
Ole Sam and Spook admire and appreciate a technically proficient web site production, but are always mindful that until there is a fusion between the graphic artist and technicians, the miracle and promise of our information revolution is not satisfied.

So with this in mind, follow the Brothers Grinn in their quest to find a particular “key” and locate a tutorial about wood burning which with their diminishing eyesight must attain “usability”.

As is their custom the brothers consulted with The Faerie Mother, who had just taken a minute break from visiting all of the AS! Membership web sites, because in her infinite wisdom, she knew an answer to what they sought, before they could even ask.

“Within the island nation of England there dwells a proud member of The Guild of Essex Craftsmen who has worked as a freelance illustrator and later as an


Firestarter Pyrography

art editor designing magazines. She is of our old world, in which Good Tinkers were masters of these
trades. Her name of Jo Phillips and you will find her by her “marks” said The Faerie Mother.

Oh The Faerie Mother wished for us to explain her term Good Tinkers. In the Ainulindale elves and dwarves were as one, or Tinkers.

Within Firestarter Pyrography we found Jo Phillip's wood burning tutorial, which exceeded our expectations and in her Firestarter Award Program we found the key. Perhaps you will too. One Key The Keeper gave certain humans was to help mortals overcome the Dark One when he thrust boredom, unproductively, unordered lives and other dark forces upon mankind.

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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