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February 7, 2007

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
Vie's Inn of Wonders Award Program
Owner: Tony Duthoo
Ole Sam and Spook weave a story based on fact, fantasy and a touch of creative writing. But first some background about the author of Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award Program, Tony Duthoo, his award name and ezboards.
Tony was born on December 1, 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium. He came in contact with web design concepts not through school, but through an ezboard he and a friend whose nickname was Vie started, called Vie's Inn of Wonders. The purpose was to role play and talk about a game called Might and Magic (M&M) and Heroes of M&M.

The heroes of the Might and Magic-series game provide a means to explore, attack, defeat and acquire, which is the four basic principles of the game by acquiring resources.

Ezboard is a forum community built in the late 90's, which required very little HTML skills. But it did allow some cosmetic tweaking which had to be done by


Vie's Inn of Wonders Award Program

ordinary web design skills. And so the basis was laid…

So how does or did Tony apply Might and Magic, Ezboards and a friendship to develop a world class award program?

In any computer based game, acquiring is a thoughtful, planned and carefully executed process which Tony applied in his real life, with patience and resolve. Through Ezboards our man was exposed to the wonderful world of HTML, CSS and Javascript and has acquired knowledge which is frequently shared by offering an answer for a coding question and writing tutorials and informative articles.

Exploring is also a feature of gaming, which Tony has done by being involved as an evaluator for various award programs and rating groups. In this process he has seen the world through the eyes and mind of different people and broadened his own mind.

Attack, while a feature of gaming, takes a different approach with his award program with a quiet resolve to let no question or non compliant HTML coding problem goes unresolved, attacking each problem until there is a satisfactory solution.

Defeat is also a gaming feature, which also takes an active participation in real life through service to others. In this respect our man Tony, will always place others first above self interests and manifests itself in many forms, such as service to APEX as reviewing membership applications.

"Spook behind every award program and every AP owner is a story filled to the brim with interesting tid bits, which give our readers some up close and personal information which transforms a person who we have never met in person, into someone of value. Spook where are you? Betcha he is off playing Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra. Think I will join him."
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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