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December 5, 2007

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
The Dragon Stone
Ole Sam and Spook are always looking for winged creatures who fly in the night to light the way, so when several of our AS! Family suggested that we pay The Dragon Stone a visit, our wee hearts went thumb, thump and off to a land of fantasy and realism too, we journeyed.
Just if you do not believe in dragons, or think that being quite common all over the world with numerous sightings until several hundred years ago, they have left mother earth, then after reading what we have found, your disbelief will evaporate.

Dragon Stone started as Polenth's Weyr in 1997 and the author quickly found that there were many websites describing dragons, but nothing unusual, so off to the library and a listing on the website, her favorite dragons which entailed one page. Transforming from a framed website to what it is today, with its own domain, CSS and a classic white background for ease of print, also brought interactivity and what is widely considered one of the most
The Dragon Stone
comprehensive dragon related websites on the Internet.
Major sections of Dragon Stone includes the basics: what is a dragon, definitions, dragon related words and their meanings in different languages and a discussion of Dragonology

In the mythology and history section we found dragons from all over the world including Africa and Oceania, dragon types, sightings and origins.

The portrait of dragons in modern medium which includes television, books and movies is discussed in detail.

The art section is a must see for everyone and the interactive games, quizzes and dragon name generator provided us with hours of enjoyment.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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