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January 2, 2008

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
Aiko Timmer's Genealogy Pages
Ole Sam and Spook know Aiko, the son of Harm, the son of Aiko, the son of Mense, the son of Harm, the son of Mense, the son of Harm, the son of Jan, the son of Harm, the son of Albert, the son of Aicke, the son of Albert, the son of Reint. I was born in 1957 in a small place called Vlagwedde in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands.
We also notice a whole lot of ancestors, which show a major interest in the genealogy of his family. The male ancestors till about 1550 lived within a range of no more than 10 kilometers from the place where Aiko was born.

"Spook, something about publishing a genealogy web site has stuck with me through the years which really apples to our friend Aiko Timmer," said Ole Sam.

Ole Sam went on to explain that although a person may no longer be on mother earth in the flesh, writing about them enables their spirit and contributions to live on into the future. Now our dear friend Aiko Timmer does not at present continue his award program, but his delightful
Aiko Timmer's Genealogy Pages
forum postings, interesting tid bits published in the Award Community RSS and continuance of helping those who would but ask, certainly keeps him alive in our hearts and minds. So this NovaSite article will not only keeps his memory and contributions alive but his trials and tribulations in "web design" are included in this article, knowing that someone who reads his tribute will gain knowledge.
"Oh I agree," said Spook! "A good reason to write a tutorial like the mini one below. No reason for someone else trying to reinvent the wheel."

And that's also what got me into "web design": At one moment (about 2 years ago) I felt the need to put my genealogy on line so I fired up, the never before used, Frontpage. It took me quite a while to figure out how it worked, but I was very proud of the first results, hosted on a free server. At this moment the whole genealogy site is (again) undergoing a complete redesign as I'm far from satisfied on how it is right now.

Quoted below, Aiko Timmer's

My genealogy site was what brought me into the "award scene". I never forget that John Wilkins' "Southern Nytes" award was the first rated award I received for my genealogy site. It was then that I noticed there were no -rated- award programs specifically for genealogy sites, so I decided to start one not knowing it would be the start of something that still keeps me busy.

Now, besides having an award program is a lot of fun and the response of applicants is sometimes heart warming, what's the fun of web design?

I like it because it's endless, never finished and extremely challenging. I guess one can't get old enough to learn it all. After starting with a WYSIWYG editor you slowly start to recognize the HTML code that's behind the "What You See". At one moment I discovered I was working in the HTML code more and more without the need of Frontpage. In the meantime Javascript and PHP crossed my way. It all seemed mighty complicated but, mainly through trial and error, I managed to handle the things I wanted to use on my site.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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