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March 12, 2008

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque
The Pallet Masters Workshop
Our AP Community RSS feed had a recent article which included a reference to the “way back machine” . . . so Ole Sam and Spook thought that our readers might enjoy a “reminissin” . . . but first a little bit of background about how we met Dave Griffith, USMC retired, a Texan who truly wears “big boots.” 
Both of us were involved with a The Site Fights (TSF) team called D'Wild West.  Almost all of the staff members were retired service folk and as graphics and other information was being gathered to develop team pages, it was suggested by “the gunny” that we pay The Pallet Master a visit for some inspiration and a helping hand with writing “western” poetry. 

Well that was “way back when” and all of us have remained good on line friends since 1998.  Dave has not only garnered excellent press and website awards, but our unflinching admiration too.  As he has undergone ups and downs as a disabled person, which most would not know, we have shared sorrow at the loss of his “fur friend” and the joy of his current “fur friend”, look forward to

The Pallet Masters Workshop
his newsletters and notices of new poems and short stories.
Dave writes  in five different genre': short-story, light poetry, inspirational, patriotic, and sonnet/muse.  There is also a very small free e-card section.  Our friend also consults, designs web pages and offers specialized services, all of which help to support as comfortable an assisted and independent living as possible due to his disability. 

When visitors travel through the major sections of the Pallet Master's Work Shop: cowboy night writer, poetry garden, the good old days, inspirational, patriotic and short stores they quickly read why Dave is truly “The Pallet Master” and one who literally paints word pictures which resonate in the minds eye with precision and clarity. 

Thank you Dave from Ole Sam and Spook for a truly remarkable friendship and an opportunity to introduce you to our readers
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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