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May 14, 2008

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Teaching and Learning Resources

“Spook what would we find if a certified teacher who had the curiosity of a cat built a teaching and learning resource website,” asked Ole Sam.

“Well there are a few things I do not understand in your question Ole Sam, like what is

teacher and what does curiosity lend to building a web site,” responded Spook.
“Teaching certifications will of course vary country by country, so let me answer what is a certified teacher with an example from England. Take a lad or lassie who has a B.A. Joint Honors and P.G.C.E. Joint Honors involves four modules in Education Studies and four in your other subject and the student address issues that are related to employability and professional practice. A postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) trainee must have a UK undergraduate degree or a recognized equivalent qualification. In addition a trainees must meet the normal conditions for initial teacher training (ITT) and be taking a course which will lead to them being qualified to teach mathematics, physics or chemistry to key stage 4 and key stage 3 or post-16.” 

Teaching and Learning Resources

“Curiosity is a subjective nature Spook, but to me at least in web building it would involve and display the cutting edge in web design and multimedia presentation like, compliant Flash, RSS, CSS, WCAG/WAI certifications and of course using HTML in such a manner that any browser, either graphical or non graphical browser is not hampered. Of course a mastery of English, sentence construction, presentation, subject matter and delight to the reader are essential.”

“Now Ole Sam finding a teaching and learning resource which is designed by a certified teacher who has the curiosity of a cat would be a noble quest, but I honestly think a great deal of time would be required to find such a web site and we do have a dead line for our NovaSite of the month for May 2008, so do you have any suggestions,” asked Spook.

Teaching and Learning Resources from Diane Hawkins

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