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October 15, 2008

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Diska's Photos
Spook and Ole Sam love word and name games, so will you too after a small ditty to introduce our NovaSite featured author.

He lives in the North of Italy and his real name is Dante Discacciati. If his name is too difficult to pronounce then try Discacinoni, Discendenti, Discepoli, Bi Scaccioni.
Did we hear anyone say stop? Well, all right then try Diska, which was his real name and not a nick name when he was a boy when everyone called him Diska, including his friends, parents and his wife.

Ole Sam and Spook asked our friend Diska to tell us about himself. His response is below.

"Yes I am married with Mary and we have a daughter Silvia. I have worked since 2007 (now retired) as employee in an import-export firm traveling with South America and this fact allowed me to learn Spanish. This fact now is good only for the Spanish version of my web site.

Diska's Photos

I have never worked with English-speaking countries and so, as you can see, my English is horrible; I suggest you to use Babelfish in order to understand something . . . oh, big smile."

Psst! These are Diska's own words and writing without any editing, so Diska is pulling your leg about his English language skills. But let us continue to let Diska tell us about himself.

"My hobbies. Yes mountain, mountain to walk, mountain to take photos, mountain to visit huts and describe it in my site, mountain .OK sometimes the sea too... (I am married...)

Sometimes my dog Lara comes with me when I go on the mountains. One time, during an holiday on the Alps, I had a neighbor very boring. His name was Alfonso and he had a hamster named
Littleboy.of course Littleboy was the best hamster of the whole world, he was beautiful, he was nice, he was fantastic.

OK but only in Alfonso's opinion. One evening Lara came to me with Littleboy in the mouth....DEAD.

Oh of course I scold Lara but what I could do?

I took the hamster and I put him in his cage. Then I have gone to bed. The day after, early in the morning, Alfonso comes crying: Diska - Oh Mr. Alfonso, what happen?- Littleboy, Littleboy.... oh poor Littleboy !

Think Diska! Yesterday Littleboy died. I have cried so much and then I have buried him in the wood.
Oh poor Littleboy! He was not dead! He had strength enough to go up from the ground and to drag himself to his cage and finally to die!

Oh poor Littleboy, I have buried him still alive!! I murdered him! and without waiting for my replay Alselmo came back to his home. I looked Lara and told her: - What can we do now? It's better to tell him the truth or we must leave Alfonso in his despair?"

Dear reader read Diskas discourse again. You will then find, if not in your first reading, one of the many reasons Ole Sam and Spook are so very proud to call Diska-friend.

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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