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December 17, 2008

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque ChamownersWeb
“Spook you are going to freak out when I tell you that the headache creeping over me is because of watching a little lion move each of its eyes in different directions at the same time”, said Ole Sam.

“Well I have a headache for other reasons” said Spook. “I heard something rustling in
the live oak tree in my front yard and saw a little lion with a prehensile tail hanging upside down sticking its tongue out, so I blinked and could not find it again because it changed color.”
No dear reader the Brothers Grinn have not been partaking of the holiday egg nog. They are merely reflecting upon our NovaSite for the month of December 2008 and Chamelonidae, which means "little lion" or Chameleons.

The author of Chamowners Web, David Pickering met his wife in April of 1986 in a bar of all places, while he was in the Navy and she was looking for a sailor. It was a perfect match. They have three boys
aged19,18, and 15. Much of their time is spent between Boy Scouts (two are now Eagle Scouts) and learning to play music. They play most any instrument from trumpet and euphonium to keyboard, six string electric and acoustic guitars, and drums. David has another website dedicated to their school's marching band. This site is called


Rebel Brigade. The middle son has a "garage/bar band called Formatta which keeps him busy. The oldest is studying computer science in college and hopes to be a game designer. The youngest is your typical hormone raging, attitude filled, 15 year old American teenager.
David has always been in awe of computers. Ever since he saw his first one “way back when” and then finding the Internet - Whoa. He just had to create a website.

Many years ago before David began working on his first and still primary site, the Internet was either a limited resource for those who created it or just a fancy toy for those who could afford computers. The first purchased chameleon, gave him much knowledge on the subject and he purchased the only magazine and book that he could find. Shortly after that chameleon died due to bad advice given by the pet store, David searched out the subject on the Internet and found a few sites with conflicting information and lots of opinion based advice. Back then you really had to know how to search and where to go.

David's websites purpose has slightly shifted because there are many great websites on the subject. He has pages and pages of care and general information about chameleons, but now wanted to focus on displaying their beauty and grace through photo contributions by chameleon owners, which will leave you in awe as most who come into contact with these creatures are. To date his site's visitors have come from over 85 countries which demonstrates the appeal of chameleons and the reach of the Internet.

David has met many great people through the Internet, from the very accomplished individuals who have written the best books on chameleon care to some of the most experienced chameleon keepers in the world. People so diverse in background and lifestyle; people who probably would have very little to say to each other if they were to meet elsewhere - all because of the Internet my Internet friends who have published many popular reptile books, friends with Ph. D's in animal sciences, friends with chameleon species named in their honor for their work in the field, and friends who have done nothing more than keep chameleons and seek advice. Much needed information has been passed along, and many hours spent (or wasted) on line which according to David is both a blessing and a curse.

David first viewed awards as a way to generate traffic to his website. He applied and easily "won" many unrated awards. Then one day he found the Award Sites! Website and learned that most unrated awards were just banner exchanges with no real criteria and no standard. He quickly saw the value of true award programs. Now he finds himself "evaluating" every site visited now using much of the criteria established by AS!. David has made many suggested improvements to his site through applying for awards and in giving awards. Operating an award program is now a big part of his site.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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