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February 11, 2009

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Shakatan Boxers UK

Ole Sam asked me the other day did I know a sure fire way to tell who loved me the most, either my wife or my dog.

“Well no Ole Sam, but that would be a good thing to know, so please tell me.”

Ole Sam said just lock up your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour. When you open the trunk lid, which one will give you a kiss?

You probably have guessed that our Nova Site feature article this month is about dogs and you are right. Shan and his wife Jan, together are Shakatan Boxers. The name Shakatan came about one evening while they were thinking of an affix for their kennels.

After consumption of a bit of wine and slightly fuddled, an attempt at an anagram of Shane and Jan but the slurred word that came out as 'Shakatan' (Shan and Jan), and the name stuck.


Shakatan Boxers UK

Shan and Jan have a daughter, Lucy, who is studying psychology at York St John University, in England. She has just returned from America - more precisely New Orleans and the Gulf Coast where she and some friends were involved in re-building projects post Katrina. They are very proud of her and her humanitarian work and Spook too because he lives just 140 miles to the east of New Orleans.

Shan worked as a Forensic Nurse until a serious assault forced his early retirement. Jan is a Theater Nursing Sister in Urology..

They began breeding and exhibiting our Boxers in 1992 after losing their beloved Skye Terrier in a tragic accident. Jan had previously been owned by a Boxer and thought it a good idea to rekindle that relationship. To date they are owned by six boisterous Boxers - four girls and two boys. All live happily within the house and like nothing more than allowing Jan and Shan to share a bed with them.

Shan's interest in web site design and building began as a hobby (and remains so) and he has received some invaluable advice from other web site authors.

As a result of this input our site Shakatan Boxers has evolved to what it is today. Shan and Jan strive to maintain, update and add to the content of their site and, hopefully, make it not just a “dog site all about their dogs,” but to make it educational as well.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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