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April 8, 2009

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque It's Wishcraft !!!

Hannah Bouma started her website to promote cattery and little by little bits and pieces of her world were added from the unusual, funny, weird and important sides of her favorite subjects like horses, Bewitched, Australia, sailing and the Mercedes W123. Hannah has some fun downloads for you in separate parts of the site, like a Bewitched 

desktop theme, catty screen friends and more, so you don't have to leave empty handed,there is something for everyone.
Hannah started web building in 2002, when a friend asked her to do his website. She, being a gracious
person who didn't know anything about it, but willing and able to learn said yes. His site was full of Java. The rest is history and she maintains about 8 sites nowadays, most of them she designed herself.

At this moment she is working on a site about Krav Maga (her sport) and a pending order from a company which she will finish one of these days. Her award program has been down for some time after a hard disk crash, but from now back on line

The site design is done in the style of the TV-series Bewitched. The start of this '60 show was always a cartoon (just like the end) with the little witch, the buildings and the cat. From her beginning until even now, the design and the graphics are all hers.


It's Wishcraft !!!

Hannah Bouma, 43 years old who lives in the Netherlands with her horse Rhea and her cats. Her husband died June 22 2008 and to honor him she put his picture on the "welcome-page" of the site.

From her on line friends she got a lot of support in the past dark times and wanted to want them from the bottom of her heart. Hannah works with a municipality doing legal work and a bit police like work. With horse she does contests, with her cats she goes to shows sometimes. Hannah also loves doll houses, sixties furniture and more.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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