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May 13, 2009

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Award History and Museum

Ole Sam and Spook asked Peter  Zinken to unfold for the readers of NovaSite how such a massive labor of love culminated in his publication of Award History and Museum.  Below is what Peter wrote. 

Around the millennium sparked my interest in Internet technology and websites was sparked.

What a great idea, everybody could be a publisher, this was really new. I was  curious how websites work, how to create them. It was no big deal I thought greenly. 

So I published my first website, stories from my travel experience to some countries and photographs. There was some content, but technique and design were still poor. 

I used WYSIWYG software to build the web pages first. Around 2004 I began to better myself. I wanted to learn more and I began to engage in html-


Award History and Museum

coding, modern  web techniques like CSS and trends as strict division of content and layout, accessibility and usability. I developed self-educated, studied source code and searched for "good" personal websites.  
By the way I found the first time some Web awards. What a great idea, respect and feedback between hobby webmasters who do exactly what I did. I was inspired and some time later I applied for the first awards. I earned some, others not but I really liked the idea. One effect was that I started my own award program in 2005. 

I learned a lot during the following years and I found many interesting people as well.  In 2007 one German award index closed and another part of it, the award-history,  disappeared from the web. This project had a long tradition, the museum was  founded in 1999 and was given over from one owner to another, it was on line continuous.  

For me it would be a shame if this project closed for the future. I got the unique chance to continue it and I did. A lot of work waited for me, I contacted hundreds  of active and retired award masters and owners of indices and other projects to get the permissions. Thank god a lot of them agreed and I was able to conserve and develop the project. I have to thank the originators and the many supporters, the success is due to them! 

Ole Sam and Spooks Commentary 

Peter Zinken's intention by creating the Award-History is to present some of German awards and projects, focused on Germany and the German-speaking countries. This is done without claiming completeness, which is inaccessible. It is just an exhibition, a museum, that shows parts of the web awards history. 

This quote by Diane Ackerman aptly describes Peter Zinken's Award-History. "It's a silent oasis in the noisy confusion of the world, isolating phenomena so that they can be seen undistracted. What is being collected are not the artifacts themselves but the undivided attention of the visitors. That is the museum. It lies in the mind of the viewers." 

Award history is incomplete as Peter states. But even if it were complete Carl Gustav Jung would say "It is proverbial, of course, that man never learns from history, and, as a rule, in respect to a problem of the present, it can teach us simply nothing. The new must be made through untrodden regions, without suppositions, and often, unfortunately, without piety also." 

Peter Zinken has remained true to his original intent, while enlisting the aid and input of countless persons named and unnamed within the Award History.  The sheer magnitude of this undertaking and the excellent workmanship are not only a testimony to Peter but all mentioned who by their examples have shown the world wide web, the joy of award giving.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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