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November 18, 2009

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Story of A Radio Dealer

Hello, By the way my name is Crackers my Father is a Crufts Champion West Highland White Terrier. My Dad Ken has asked me to make a few notes about himself as he is not prepared to bore people with matter which they can already view on his site which maybe of little interest to some other than of myself.

So here goes, my Dad Ken somehow found out that my breeder Mary sold puppies to some privileged people, and was not put off when she said he would have to pay a visit to see if his wife Jo an himself were capable people to own one of her special puppies.

She lived in Cornwall 400 miles from their home, to make it short Ken rolled on the floor with the dogs and my father peed on Jo's shoes, following this they were told they could have one from the next litter.

At nine weeks old they collected me on a very frosty afternoon, to take me to my new home, they had prepared a place for me on the rear site of the car, but after a short while I had asserted my

Story of A Radio Dealer

authority and was on my new Mum's lap, By the time they reached Norwich they had found out that I was to be the future "BOSS" of the Yaxley's household.
Back to my Dad will try to make it as short as possible bearing in mind he has never worked for anyone and has always been short of money, but in doing so has managed to build 2 new houses acquiring a number of new shops for his Business and was personally involved with their display area design and he personally carried out these alterations, not to mention he was never short of a new car, and thinks he is a poor man's Richard Branson! So you can see he has always been a very busy man, and at the age of 83 still is.

Op's sorry you require information about his computer exploits. It all started when his pioneering Father taught him how to draw at a very young age, since when he found it simple to design thoughts in his mind. One of his playthings was to design the Museum which is now part of a Charity Trust together with the 2 web-sites, yes he build all the interior display units. He told me in his ramblings not to forget both of the sites.

Well he was looking for something to do for a change and decided to buy a computer which resulted in him designing the first web-site and asking his friend Jonny of "veryclevermedia" to put it on the web, being of education value to people interested in archive PA material, it was soon receiving praise from around the world.

After that little episode what should he do, "I know", will do my Father's and my autobiography, as at his old age not many people left who could do so together with his enormous archives and his considerable knowledge of PA.

Considering the great deal of money he has spent on the 2 sites which are now left for future generations, he has decided on 1 more site, but he is trying to build this one himself from start to finish live. It is to be called ARP Messenger Boys, and is about the last War when he was one of them before being called up for the RAF.

Think he said it will be like both the other site's unique in design. Will leave now by saying I very much enjoy being the "BOSS" with the knowledge that as a very high pedigree Westie from the West country, will be traveling around the world for perpetuity.

Submitted by Crackers

Crackers my name is Star or Golden Moonlight Sonata CDX, OA, OAP, OJP and I write for my mom. I just knew you would write for your human Ken. Because we fur children are among the best writers on the Internet. Something you already knew. Poor humans they are very slow learners.

Your Friend Star
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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