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December 9, 2009

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition Plaque Battleship USS Arizona BB39

"Spook, December of each year is a time for reflection for many of us, who are older in our years. We look back and cannot help but wonder. Have we made a difference in just one person's life" asked Ole Sam.

"Yes sobering thoughts Ole Sam. But after our visit to the Battleship USS Arizona web site, we have evidence of a ten year old web site which has kept relevant with changing technology, touched millions and left a legacy of service to our country in both pictures and narrative. The poetry, which both of us truly love, is abundant and so full of life a vigor so many years later," said Spook.

But we must let Nancy, the daughter of Budd Nease, finish 2009 on a high note in her own words:

The site was originally launched on Homestead as a gift for my father, Budd Nease, to honor his time in the military and showcase his poetry and

Battleship USS Arizona BB39

personal photos of his time in the Navy. In December of 1999, he printed the pages of the website and took them in a notebook to the USS Arizona Reunion Association's annual reunion in Tucson. Many of the survivors began to send him photos, stories, and other memorabilia to publish on his website.
As time went on, the website grew to such large proportions that we had to purchase a domain name and build a "real" website. The number of visitors began climbing, as did email requests for information. Students began writing for help with their Pearl Harbor projects. Ten years later, we have a website that is considered one of the best resources for information on the USS Arizona and her crew anywhere on this internet. We are proud and humbled by this distinction.

We now also publish a printed newsletter, "Messages from the Arizona," that is mailed out to those who either do not have internet access, cannot for one reason or another view the website, and those who just prefer good old-fashioned printed reading materials. As we approach the 2 million viewer mark, we must thank the men of the Arizona and their families and friends, for their efforts in making the website what it is today.

Best Regards,
Nancy Nease
USS Arizona Reunion Association
Assistant Historian
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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