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March 17, 2010

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition PlaqueMoon Award

“Spook did you see the man in the moon last night?” asked Ole Sam.

“Yes said Spook, but I also saw the Moon Lady”

So come up to the Moon where we have fun. On the surface of the moon we find moon cars and the Little Prince and the Moon lady who love to make car rallye's. We will also find so much other equipment.

Since the first moon landing in 1969, more than fourthly years ago. When Jenny Maass was 30. You count? Yes. But on the moon the time stands still and it is so quiet here, hoping any more years until the big Ares rockets are ready for the next moon landing of Astronauts. Then Jenny will move in the black zone of the moon to keep tabs on the astronauts if they make it this time to go deeper in the space, to the mars perhaps.

Moon AwardIf Jenny is not on the moon you will find her roaming around in the WWW. It’s also adventurous and she has so much fun. At the begin Jenny only took a few steps because she had to learn a lot in this new technical world to find her way. But she met some friendly people, some cheerful helpers like the Brothers Grinn, Lisa, George, Rhonda, Peter, Eric, Anita.

Then Jenny thought to give back or pass forward some of what she had learned. Then perfected along with other skills. But let Jenny tell the rest of our story. Below in her words.

On the earth I did a great job as a newspaper journalist about 40 years. This was my one and only! Here and there in wintertime I worked some weeks as ski instructor, to air my head and to recharge my batteries. Oh brother I liked it!

On the earth I did another great job: to bring a child into the world. A daughter. Now I have a granddaughter. But unfortunately they live far away from me. I love playing with kids…

On the earth my hometown is Linz on the Danube river in Austria in Europe. I have a lot of interests, first books and classical music, mountaineering, half marathon running, rowing (I am national champion), skiing of course, ski touring, playing piano a little, singing. Technology is fascinating to me, I like to repair all oneself, to hammer and to drill.

I love web design, graphics, flash.
The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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