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May 12, 2010

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition PlaqueHorse Deliverance

Ole Sam and Spook have a very special affinity for horses.  Horse people too.  Especially since both are keepers of the wee people.  In spirit and mind too.  The trust that a horse owner places in his or her companion, is shared by the horse equally.  Training is a matter of perseverance, knowledge and a oneness, which is also shared with any other of our extended family members. 

You are invited to read the very beginning of Horse Deliverance.  The initial paragraphs explain why Gabriella Sylvia Costa (it that not a beautiful name?). Now let us read with our hearts what Gabriella has written, which is complimented with pictorial excellence. 

Horse DeliveranceDressage as “Art” 

May this lens bring you insights and food for thought: whether a newbie stepping for the first time into the dancing world of Dressage or whether an accomplished professional maintaining the rhythm into it, I dearly hope that what so many horses have taught me over the years will help you with your own.  

I really wanted those good people to know that they could accomplish beautiful performances with their horses in a gentle way, the horses' way, no matter what level they thought they were at. 

Horses of all levels do not need to be harassed to perform in Dressage. Dressage is an Art, a beautiful symbiosis between man and horse.. To cut a long story short, off I set into this titanic project and... voila'! HD came to life, the things I hoped to transmit through it did, the attitude and practical how-to did reach thousands of true horse lovers around the globe. That feeling is priceless. 

To Ole Sam, Spook and to any of you who perceive quality and beauty like they do, my invitation to read, slowly, this piece of personal experience

Ultimately, my main objective throughout has been to teach people to LEARN - a mechanism that somehow seems lost in the jumbled mix up of information anyone, in any field, seems to get bombarded with - however, I must also admit I have become rather disillusioned by results. Yet I stick to the

belief that, like someone said 2000 years ago to someone, if only ONE man will be changed for the better (in this case, if even just one more horse will live better because of HD), will this enterprise have been worth the effort.. and the answer is yes. 

Happy New Year to all and hope to hear from you again soon - Gabriella Sylvia Costa (Regal Realm)

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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