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September 15, 2010

NovaSite! Archive

NovaSite! Recognition PlaqueThis Should Help

Ole Sam and Spook first met Sandra Hendricks in 2002 when she offered the Advocacy Award-Common Sense. Which lent encouragement to the Brothers Grinn in their advocacy of accessible and compliant web sites for our disAbled.

I launched my preliminary website, Common Sense in the year 2000. The website was a Mother and Daughter project. Armed with the passion for website design and hand coding, my youngest daughter, Brandi, inspired me to learn. I desired a website that could cause a change in the lives of those who visited, and she wanted one that was nearly flawless. Common Sense transformed through three redesigns before it met her standards. As we started to win website awards, Brandi set out again adding to our site.

We launched our award program Advocacy Awards the same year. As with the website, Brandi wanted an outstanding program! She aspired to express her knowledge and insight of the Award Sites! ratings. She spent many hours doing research and finding the informed experts. Armed with this information, she explained to me what it took to have a quality award program. This is when I became serious and began to visit the Award Sites! forum, joined APEX, and read all the articles, I could find. I looked to the experts of 5.0 rated award programs for guidance and training.

The Awards Community back then was a huge network, and it gave me my first online experience. Meeting the people giving awards helped me learn and grow. The many willing hearts taught me ethics and offered warmth. Award givers donated to the precise navigation and layout that helped us affirm our winning site. Ideas and help from them helped with navigation, etc. Their generosity has carried over to our latest Mother and Daughter venture, This Should Help.

This Should HelpWe launched our new site last year with the same passion and goals that we had previously. After being offline for nearly eight years, I was concerned about maintaining the website. However, hand coding and maintaining a website is a lot like riding a bicycle. It all came back to me and all the experience we gained from Award Sites helped us design another award-winning site! We originally had decided not to apply for awards this time around, but I felt the old desire to reconnect with the community. As I applied and received awards, I reconnected with old friends and rekindled my passion for the award giving. We launched our Bright Blog Award shortly after the site was up.

I have discovered blogging this time around and connected with some amazing people. Regardless of the level of awareness, you are currently at, there is a self-help blog or website to fit your needs, and speak to your heart. The diverse ideas and knowledge available can open your mind to the possibilities of you and the world. Advancing minds reach out in such a way that I cannot help but admire their integrity. I have traveled across this self-help road (my own path) for almost twenty years and read hundreds of books. The years and studying is a drop in the bucket. When I surf the web and become engaged by the self-help blogger my own insight is enhanced or surpassed.

I am thrilled to be back online, making whatever difference I can. Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones has enriched my life. This Should Help is a project that we foresee continuing for many years, as I add my ideas to the World Wide Web. There is something special about maintaining a website and sharing your life online. I still enjoy helping people improve their websites, and adding my insight gained from being involved with the Awards Community.

Sandra Hendricks

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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