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January 19, 2011

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International Joan of Arc Society

One does not have to be a Catholic, nor of any religious persuasion, to embrace a girls journey from saving her country-France. Then finally 400 years later being declared a Saint. A patron Saint too for many in our world because of her steadfast devotion, having been given all means to accomplish a great work for mankind. Then never wavering in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

International Joan of Arc SocietyJoan was canonized with great festivity on May 16, 1920, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, finally restoring her reputation among the faithful. That same year, the French government officially made May 8 a national holiday. Her celebrated feast day is May 30, the day of her death.

“Not only Orléans and France but the whole world venerate God’s acts through Joan of Arc, the piety and enthusiasm of this young girl, the purity and unbending self-abnegation with which she always carried out the will of God, as well as the reputation for holiness which crowned her life both in Domremy, where she tended her father’s cattle as a modest peasant girl, on the battlefield where she showed the skill and courage of a great captain, and at the stake where she displayed her unalterable loyalty to the Christian faith and the Apostolic See.

“The Roman Popes have already defended, shielded and praised this admirable heroine, and it is the general wish that Your Holiness now honor and exalt her memory. This would constitute a just tribute to Joan, who in freeing her country also saved it from the heresy which might have become a danger in the future. It would also constitute a title of honor to the French people, who have done so much for religion and for the Throne of Saint Peter, and who also have deserved the name of ‘God’s soldier’”.

The Brothers Grinn
(Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe)

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