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AWARD SITES! Hall of Honor Plaque - Sample (Designed by Ian McPherson with input from Mic Miller)

Hall of Honor
2000 - 2004
(Site is removed from Honor when achieving Hall of Quality or Elite)


Sites listed below achieved Hall of Honor based on criteria used before 2005.

Euromania (August 2004)
If you've ever wondered just what the Euro is, who uses it or what one looks like... this is the place to visit.  You can view the Euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone and the DAGA award program, as well.
JerryD's Music Site (December 2002)
Child safe site with emphasis on code accuracy. Lots of music, tons of freebies and web tools. Free submit engine that lets you submit to the top 40 search engines with just "one click". Award program with AS! rated awards.
TheABBA, Seal Of Music (January (2002)
Everything you need about the favorite Swedish pop music band, ABBA. Biographies, lyrics, photos, midis, videos, productions, memorabilia and much more.
Uruguay, A Spirit State (January 2002)
Web site about Uruguay, friendly and natural South American country . . . History, Culture, Environment, Attractions, and more.
Texas Precancel Club (April 2001)
A specialized hobby site for precancel stamp collectors, concentrating on Texas subjects but with precancel events listed and questions answered for all - bringing detailed content to the Web with innovative YOU ARE HERE navigation.
The Novel Enterprise (October 2000)
A comprehensive guide to the Star Trek novels, complete with timelines, synopses, author/subject/title indexes, and a book cover gallery.  Its primary function is to encourage and assist readers interested in Star Trek literature, but it's also fun just to browse.
Toledo-Bend.Com (September 2000)
Exhaustive information on Toledo Bend Reservoir and surrounding areas of Texas and Louisiana, including Sabine National Forest.  Makes you want to see it in person.
Clan MacNeil in Canada (August 2000)
The internet home of Clan MacNeil in Canada, a non-profit Scottish Clan Society.  This site provides information on the History, Tartans and Badges of Clan MacNeil.
The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself (August 2000)
A little dog introduces himself, tells his moving life story and presents more than 300 great doggie pictures and 250 dog-related original paintings in modern style (including a section of 120 Cartoons), an own awards program, and much more.
A Gadzillion Things To Think About (July 2000)
First successful applicant to be selected to this hall . . . It is a delightful and fun family site filled with thousands of humorous questions to encourage creative thought in all age groups.  It also offers one of the better rated awards listed on AWARD SITES!

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