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Student Nurse Forum
Offers free educational and career planning guidance to nursing students.  Its interactive forums and over 70 pages of content are designed to support and encourage those called to the nursing profession.  This site features a strong emphasis on leadership and mentoring. (9/12/2002)
Non-profit, teacher-to-teacher education site is a guide for high school teachers of world history and geography.  Content includes fundamental information about history teaching, resources, a concise alternative textbook and lesson plans.

The Energy Planet
The place where you will find free information about all kinds of energy sources, which are expounded both textual and visual with interactive features.

The Old Time Gospel (5/8/2005)
Provides information to its users through sermons, profiles, articles, facts and wide range of Biblical studies. The purpose is to teach, train and prepare the Christian and open the way of salvation to the non-Christian.

The Rongorongo of Easter Island (3/6/2002)
Name for the hieroglyphic script of Easter Island, engraved on wooden tablets, of which only few have survived.  Here you will find all you need if you ever want to try your hand at deciphering them; background historical information; photographs of the tablets and of the stone statues; the travel notes of early visitors, and more.

The Web Scenes (5/8/2005)
Exemplifies topical information gathering from the World Wide Web.

Tooter4Kids (8/21/2002)
Quality educational site for teachers, kids, home schoolers, and subs.  It contains helpful information in On Line Themes, Poetry, Writing, and Literacy.

Van Gogh at Etten - sketches and billboards
A dynamic and interactive art education resource focusing on Vincent van Gogh, master Post-impressionist painter.  It features an online art course, lesson ideas and activities, galleries, games, teachers' forum, text-only support and is in Dutch and English versions.


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