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TopNotch Site!

TopNotch Criteria

Machiavelli (2005)

A site about "The Prince", the most important work of Niccol� Machiavelli (1469 - 1527), Italian statesman and political philosopher, father of modern political theory.


BV.Lindenheuvel (2005)

A site about the noble arts of the billiard sports, with a brief description of the history and different games, terms and rules.

Site is also W3C and WAI compliant.

Tim's Spider Corner (2004)

An educational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature... You will find bird eating spider information, as well as an assortment of pictures, handling tips, resource links, a spider knowledge quiz, and the complete anatomy of a bird eating spider.

Tim's Spider Corner

About Korea (2004)

Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident Korea Award program.

About Korea

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