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TopNotch Site! (Recognizing excellence achieved through bettering the net!)

TopNotch Site!

Recognition Halls

May 1, 2007

The TopNotch Site! is no longer available for submission, but might return under a different approach.

TopNotch Site! recognizes site owners for achieving excellence with their sites through bettering the net . . . and in particular by earning a minimum number of top awards from 5.0, 4.5, and 4.0 rated award programs that are currently listed and/or removed within six months of application.  It also means Silver, Bronze, Merit, and other lower tiered awards are not applicable.

TopNotch Site! provides the opportunity for more worthy sites being recognized in a shorter time frame than any of the Halls of Recognition . . . and is considered second in prestige to the Hall of Elite and slightly above Hall of Quality.  Moreover, recipients will be presented similarly to those very few special ones in the Hall of Elite.

TopNotch Site! achievement difficulty also lies in the limited number of retired rated award programs that are eligible . . . with more becoming ineligible each month.  So, keep abreast of the removal of 5.0, 4.5, and 4.0 rated programs so you know which one can still be used before submitting.

Please review the following . . . CRITERIA . . . to see if your site qualifies.

  • 5.0 Rated Awards (including 5.0+) . . . 7 top awards from 7 different programs (1 point value each)

  • 4.5 Rated Awards . . . 10 top awards from 10 different programs (1 point value each)
    Note... Extra earned top awards from 5.0 rated programs can be applied and must be from different programs than those submitted to meet the 5.0 requirement. (example... 8 - 4.5 and 2 - 5.0)

  • 4.0 Rated Awards . . . 15 top awards from 15 different programs (1 point value each)
    Note... Extra earned top awards from 5.0 and/or 4.5 rated programs can be applied and must be from different programs than those submitted to meet the 5.0 and/or 4.5 requirements.  (example... 9 - 4.0, 3 - 4.5 and 3 - 5.0)

  • Awards must be displayed on your site under the respective rating level.  This process is required to allow for accurate verification.  Also, rearranging your site's awards section into rating levels and non-rated chronologically allows you to keep better track of awards won.

  • You can use one of the following excellent tools to keep track of Award Sites! rated awards your site has won for verification purposes.

    1. Halls of Recognition Organizer v2.0 - downloadable zip file of templates that includes CSS style sheets, instructions and a "popup screen" script for instant installation / implementation. (Developed by Ric Berends)

    2. The Beeline's rated awards display -  use its excellent approach as a basis for your site awards set-up. (Developed by M�c Miller)

  • Derogatory comments and/or award image defacement listed on a site for whatever reason will disqualify a site from submission and cause permanent removal if unacceptable actions occur after entry to the Hall.

  • Age Requirement - The submitter must be 14 years or older.  And while AWARD SITES! does not require or verify the age of a those contacting it, removal of a site will occur if it is determined the submitter is under 14 years old.

  • Upgraded Award Level - It is up to the awarded site to update any award that has been upgraded or it will be verified at the level listed.  (Check with the respective award owner about being able to use the higher rating if an earned award is upgraded.)

(Currently rated programs and those removed within six months of submission are eligible.)
Award TypeValue
Excellence for overall or any feature (e.g. content, design, graphics, & etc.)1.0 pt
Category related - art, teen, industry, fantasy, & etc. (except silver, bronze, or merit levels)1.0 pt
Cool, Great, Outstanding, Beautiful, & etc. if not given as part of multi-level that would be considered a silver, bronze, and/or merit.1.0 pt
Annual, site of day, and other periodicals (primary award)1.0 pt

(Gold doesn't apply if Platinum or Diamond is the top level.)

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