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Tidy Tutorial

Using Tidy Inline Or Locally

Inline Tidy With A HTML Editor

HTML Edit Screen With Tidy Built In

Some modern day HTML editors either have Tidy built into the editor or have the ability to add tidy as the default editor.  The quick tools in one of our editors include apply source formatting, upgrade to style sheets and convert to XML, all changes can be easily revert to the original coding with an undo.

The convert to style sheets is particularly useful for reducing code bloat, placing all of the style elements into an inline CSS, which can later be placed in an external CSS, which further reduces code bloat.  The result of which is a lean, clean page of HTML which is much easier to make any additional corrections, if necessary by folk like myself who have very poor eye sight.

A HTML Editor Tidy Screen

Hopefully our dear readers will find in this tutorial ample examples and also reasons to use Tidy, either inline, locally or both.

If you are presently using a HTML editor without Tidy, then by all means consider whether your editor will support the addition of Tidy as the default editor, which is certainly the case with the six editors I currently use. Which is to try and keep up with current technology and attempt to answer questions which may be directed my way.

If your HTML editor does not support Tidy and you find through on line use of Tidy to check your HTML coding and find errors, then perhaps it is time to secure another editor.  But if you use an online editor consider also that the small cost of a local editor to use on your computer (usually under one hundred dollars) will result in significant time savings and add to the enjoyment of compliant page building which will do nothing short of revolutionizing the world wide web for we little people.

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About Contributor
Denny Lancaster is the Compliance Manager of Award Sites!  He is also the owner of the Lancasters Laughing Place site and the elite Award Sites! 5.0 rated Talking Hands Award Program . . . and has excellent knowledge of W3C and WAI issues.  Professionally, he is a retired senior partner, tax attorney specializing in international finance.  Moreover, Denny administers a private foundation which builds free enabled computers for deaf and blind persons throughout the state of Alabama . . . and is a talented poet.Denny Lancaster - Validation Advisor

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