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AWARD SITES! . . . Level 2.5

2.5 Rating Information

The "2.5" rating level designates an award program better than many (possibly most) on the Internet, but still requiring improvement in one or more areas to achieve the 3.0 rating level.  It might be an initial attempt by a promising owner, hard work by a challenged individual, or somewhere in between.  Commitment to sustain a program is another factor that can be associated with this level and especially with programs that will never achieve the 2.5 level.  A listing on Award Sites! consists of a text link with description.

New programs receiving a 2.5 rating level will be given one year (two upgraded review chances) from listing date to be upgraded to at least the 3.0 level . . . or have their 2.5 rating revoked for inability or unwillingness to meet Award Sites! motto . . . "Bettering the Internet By Striving For Excellence".  Removed programs will be eligible to reapply after 120 days of removal, but will only be listed if a 3.0 or higher rating level is achieved.
  • No purpose for award listed or purpose is vague / confusing

  • Has criteria listed, but lacking in details, confusing, contradictory, and/or overreaching relative to purpose and /or other aspects within the program / site.  (e.g. content of site relative to requirements of award)

  • May have a good award graphic, but the design and/or content of the site is lacking relative to the award being given . . . or just the opposite.  Also, image size might be 25k to 30k and/or near the 40,000 square pixel limit (e.g. 200 x 200).

  • Site's design, layout, presentation, content, download time, and/or navigation requires varying degrees of improvement. (e.g. too many graphics per page, bad grammar, hard to read text, unpleasant color scheme) . . . It could also be just one aspect that prevents reaching the 3.0 level.

  • No link requirement or password access prior to submission.

  • Stated review time period and who will be notified (winners or everyone)

  • An annual award can qualify if it meets all the other criteria and posts new nominees at least once every two months.  Also, a nominee's badge can be provided for display to only applicants listed on the award program's nominee page as they are officially being considered for the award.

  • Any award program incorporating features that require a certain minimum version of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape above 5.0 must state prominently what is required or will not be rated above 2.5 nor upgraded beyond its current level.

    e.g. "Properly viewing all aspects of this award program requires at least Internet Explorer 5.5 and/or Netscape Communicator v6.0."

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