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AWARD SITES! . . . Level 3.0

3.0 Rating Information

An award program receiving a "3.0" rating level indicates potential to achieve a higher rating level depending on the owner's interest and dedication . . . This level also designates the award program as a good one . . . It is also considered worth achieving by sites of similar or better design quality that meet specific requirements of the respective program.

  • It may be one of the more popular awards, because it is highly promoted and/or well-established with many links.  However, popularity does not mean better!

  • An annual award can qualify if it meets all the other criteria and posts new nominees at least once every two months.  Also, a nominee's badge can be provided for display to only applicants listed on the award program's nominee page as they are officially being considered for the award.

  • Has decent to good general criteria, but still requires more detail and synergy with the intent of each award offered. (Daily awards with "cool", "hot", or other descriptive words used as the only criteria can qualify, if the program and overall site excels elsewhere.)

  • Award graphic quality should be above average and with at least a sample image being displayed on the information/criteria page.

    • Image size over 20k and/or near the 40,000 square pixel limit (e.g. 200 x 200) might prevent achieving this level as it indicates lack of graphic design ability relative bandwidth consideration and display size on the winners' pages.

    • No program located on a free hosting service will achieve beyond the 2.5 rating level regardless of meeting all other aspects, if the hosting service prevents (blocks) sample image being displayed on Award Sites!  (No exceptions)

  • Site's design, presentation, content, download time, and/or navigation needs improvement to win what the Award Sites! rating panel collectively considers to be at least a 3.5 rated award.  (This factor can vary be each rating panel member, but is based upon long-term site design and top level award program experience.

  • The site must be able to win its own award.

  • Stated review time period and who will be notified (winners or everyone)

  • Submit form with demographic requirements other than name, email address, and site URL are optional.

  • No link requirement or password access prior to submission

  • Any award program incorporating features that require a certain minimum version of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape above 5.0 must state prominently what is required or will not be rated above 2.5 nor upgraded beyond its current level.

"Approved" Web Hosting Companies