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3.5 Select Member Criteria
Revised February 12, 2007

AWARD SITES! 3.5 Select Member BadgeAn award program receiving a "3.5" rating level indicates a dedication to excel and is designated a Select Member of Award Sites!  It also means fewer sites will be able to meet the specific requirements of the respective program. 

Moreover, it is very unique for a relatively new program to achieve this level or higher, which should result in more quality submissions.

  • Prerequisites compliance - Non-rated and 2.5 to 3.0 rated award programs being submitted for an initial and upgrade rating review, respectively, must first comply with the 20 Prerequisites, which includes plagiarism, copyright, and listing winners.  (Owners of 2.5 to 3.0 rated programs in good standing just need to check the "Revised date" to make sure no changes to the Prerequisites have occurred since their program was last reviewed.)

  • The award program's overall site can be excellent in most areas . . . and is capable of achieving recognition from higher rated programs.

  • Has good to better general criteria, but might require better explanation / refinement in several areas.  (See 5.0 Rating level criteria for more specifics.)

  • It may be one of the more popular awards, because it is highly promoted and/or well-established with many links.  However, popularity does not mean better!  (Benefits to winning sites beyond just the award graphic is another consideration if presentation and design are good.)

  • Daily awards with "cool", "hot", or other descriptive words and/or short phrases used as the only criteria can qualify if the program and overall site excels in all other area.

  • An annual award can qualify if it meets all the other criteria and posts new nominees at least once every two months.  Also, a nominee's badge can be provided for display to only applicants listed on the award program's nominee page as they are officially being considered for the award.

  • Award graphic quality should be good to excellent and with at least a sample image being displayed on the information/criteria page.

    • Image size should not be over 20k as it indicates ignorance or insensitivity relative to bandwidth consideration and display size on the winners' pages.  (Pixel size should be under 35,000, but is secondary to file size.)

    • No program located on a free hosting service will achieve beyond the 2.5 rating level regardless of meeting all other aspects, if the hosting service prevents (blocks) the sample image being displayed on Award Sites!  (No exceptions)

  • Stated review time period and who will be notified (winners or everyone)

  • Submit form with demographic requirements other than name, email address, and site URL are optional.

  • No link requirement or password access prior to submission

  • Any award program incorporating features that require a certain minimum version of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape above 5.0 must state prominently what is required or will not be rated above 2.5 nor upgraded beyond its current level.
  • See rules requesting upgrade consideration.
  1. Seek peer assistance at Assembly (opens in new window) to for improving your award program before requesting an initial or upgrade rating review.  (Membership is required.)

  2. You can print all the levels' criteria and rules for future reference, but you need to review the respective criteria and listing rules pages online for each upgrade request to make sure no additions have been made that could impact your program's review since the last one.  (It is also where you access the initial and upgrade rating requests submittal forms.)

  3. Unauthorized use of the copyright rating level banners are prohibited!


(Listed programs use the Change Form for new URLs, updates, and other changes.)

Removed award programs must contact Award Sites! with rating level
when listed, date of listing or last upgrade, and reason for being reinstated.