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AWARD SITES! 4.0 Choice Member Banner

4.0 Choice Member Criteria

AWARD SITES! 4.0 Choice Member BadgeA 4.0 rated award program means that it is recognized by the original and premier award rating service, as one of the better programs of its kind on the Internet and probably among the top 10% . . . And is designated a Choice Member of Award Sites!
  • Meets most of the requirements of the Level 5.0 Rating (see criteria for more info), but still has some rough edges in areas like criteria, content, and/or design.  (e.g. lack of consistency and/or some weakness in overall criteria, presentation still lacking, overall site design / presentation problem, weak navigation, and/or a combination of minor issues with several areas . . . Even one critical issue could prevent achieving the 4.5 level.

  • An annual award can qualify if it meets all the other criteria and posts new nominees at least once every two months.  Also, a nominee's badge can be provided for display to only applicants listed on the award program's nominee page as they are officially being considered for the award.

  • The award graphic must be excellently designed and should be under 15k.  (Pixel size is usually not an issue with this level.)

  • Site where program is located must be able to meet the criteria of the top award / level.

  • Judging process can be by an individual or panel.

  • Stated review time period and who will be notified (winners or everyone)

  • Submit form with demographic requirements other than name, email address, and site URL are optional.

  • No link requirement or password access prior to submission

  • Any award program incorporating features that require a certain minimum version of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape above 5.0 must state prominently what is required or will not be rated above 2.5 nor upgraded beyond its current level.