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Approved Web Hosting Companies

AWARD SITES! . . . 5.0+ Elite Member Badge
5.0+ Elite Member...
recognizes those Elite 5.0 rated programs that are owned by . . . individuals who have contributed significantly to "Bettering the Net" beyond just being the best of the best!  (Each listed program includes a photo of its owner and description of why he / she makes it a "Plus".


A currently listed 5.0 rated award program will be selected by Award Sites! management based on contributions / efforts by its creator beyond the program . . . that have significantly impacted the awards community and/or internet, which shine as an example of "Bettering the Internet Experience".

The award program must also meet the following tenure qualifications.

  1. The 5.0 award program must be at least three (3) years old and have a complete winners list for at least three years.

  2. The award program must be rated at the 5.0 level with Award Sites! for a minimum of two (2) years and rated by Award Sites! at any level for a minimum of three (3) years.

Note... Nominations for 5.0+ consideration are no longer accepted.  However, Award Sites! will involve others in the awards community for confidential input on a potential 5.0+ honoree.

"Approved" Web Hosting Companies