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Winners Selection Record Page (WSR) -- Sample
(Should take only a few minutes each month / period)

The WSR option might be the best solution for award programs that offer many awards seeking an upgrade or initial rating . . . The WSR allows for only listing of winners per month or other period on the respective award's winners list page . . . with the reference to "No Winners Selected" only having to be listed on the WSR for the respective award per month / period along with a similar notation for the selection of winners for an award.

Steps to proceed with adding a WSR page to your award program...

  • Cut and paste the table (template) below and add it to the appropriate named page at your program.
  • Replace "Current Year" with this year's date (e.g. 2006)
  • Eliminate or Add award columns and adjust width accordingly.  (It is suggested to add a second WSR table below the first one if you need more than 10 Award columns.)
  • Replace each column heading with the name of your respective awards and/or levels.
  • Link each of your award headings to the respective winners list so visitors and applicants can visit the winners page to see the honored sites as it applies.
  • Replace "Month" with "Quarter" if your program issues on a quarterly basis with only 4 rows below "Quarter" labeled... Jan - Mar; Apr - June; July - Sept; and, Oct - Dec
  • Remove sample designations of "W" and "N"
  • Add a link to the WSR page in the program's navigation where it is accessible from every page.

Suggested listing of "W" and "N"

  • Place "W" under the applicable Award heading when the first winner is selected for the month.
  • Place "N" designating "no winner selected" under the applicable Award heading during the first week of the following month.
  • It should only take a few minutes each month to add the appropriate designations of "W" and "N"

Remember that it is still mandatory to list winners by month or other period by year on the respective award's winners page.


"Current Year" Winners Selection Record
W = Winner(s) Selected  ||  N = No Winner Selected
(Click on specific award to visit its winners page)


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